Are you Too Busy

Always Greet Your Customers

Today I was going to have breakfast at a restaurant I like in Taylorsville. I walked in and sat at the counter. They were a bit busy so I didn't expect anything fast.

I sat there for about 10-15 minutes. Not one employee greeted me, offered me coffee, or anything. I got up and left.

I will give them a 2nd chance because they have really good biscuits and gravy with chicken fried steak. Anyone can have a bad day. And I don't expect every employee to yell out "Welcome to xxxx" when I walk in the door. But I do expect acknowledgement that I am there.

Never be TOO BUSY not to greet customers who enter your business. They may never come back again. That costs you money.

Have you looked at your marketing from the customer's point of view?

It's really not hard to do.  But the hard part is being able to look at a piece that you've created objectively.  You came up with a great idea.  You spent time, maybe hours, creating a piece that YOU thought was the best marketing piece you've ever created.  But is it?

So let me ask you this:  Would you respond to the postcard below?  Do you see anything wrong?

I don't know about you, but there is no way that I would respond to this solicitation.  Obviously they got my name off of medicare rolls or some mailing list of social security recipients.  It does not tell me who, or what company, is sending me this postcard.   The National Reply Center - sounds like a mail drop or mail receiving service of some sort.  How do I know that it is not some sort of phishing scam?  It asks for my name (even though it's already on the label), my phone number, and my spouse's name, oh yes, and our age.   (I would hope they had checked that part out first somehow if they are sending me some sort of medicare update). 

Perhaps they are counting on the gullibility of some older people.  I think though that they are forgetting that many senior citizens are going to be more cautious and look at this piece in the same way I am here.  I can't tell who sent me this.  There is no phone number for me to call, IF I was interested in gaining more information.  And it is going to a P.O. Box.  Red flags abound.  

I suspect most small businesses would not send out a piece that was so cheaply made and of poor design.  But, believe or not, I have seen some that do.  Now maybe if you're a pot shoppe, or selling some other very popular commodity, you might get enough blind interest response to see what the deal is.  I'm willing to bet that this piece does not get so much reply.  Or maybe it does.

Are you willing to take a chance with your money?

If you would like some help creating a marketing piece for your business, fill out the contact form and let's have a conversation.  Over many years I've created ads that worked and I've created ads that flopped.  We cannot always know why.  But I do have some good ideas.


First page medicare postcard        Second page medicare postcard

Created By: Mike Davis
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Why, or when, should someone hire a business coach?

After all, you are an expert in your business, are you not?  Ok, maybe not all of your business, but most of it.  Right?  Some of it?

Let's face it, small business owners have many different reasons for owning their own business.  For some, it was because they like the independence.  Maybe they don't want to work in a corporate culture, or for somebody else.  For others, they saw a great financial opportunity.  Perhaps they had worked as an employee for a number of years, saved their money, and now wanted to see if their skills could take them to a new level.  Or maybe they had an entrepreneurial spirit and wanted to change the world with a new idea.

For whatever reason, I have discovered that most small business owners are an expert in one or two facets of their business, but they discover that they are not an expert in exactly what they need to be an expert in at a given moment in time.   I know that's a lot to digest.  Let's look at it like this:  You started a business because you were great in marketing and getting customers in the door.  But you struggle with how to best handle those customers once they show up to do business with you.   So, they came in but too many of them don't come back?   What do you do?

This is where a business coach can be a valuable asset.  A business coach will take the time to sit down with you and discuss your business.  They will develop an idea as to what your business needs to solve a problem or to reach a goal.   They then offer a proposal.  You then decide if that proposal sounds like the solution you need and if it fits your budget.  If the answer is yes, you and your coach go to work.

Some people might be hesitant to hire a coach because they think that coach will dictate how they run their business, or try to change everything they are doing.  I don't believe a good coach will do that.  I know I would not do that.  If "everything" about your business needs to be changed, perhaps you are in the wrong business.  Let's narrow the focus and see what makes the most sense and what will give you the biggest impact with the least disruption.  Sometimes, a small change can have big results.  Sort of like working with a pitcher in baseball or softball.  If the pitcher releases the ball only an inch or two differently it can change the location of the ball at home plate by a foot or more.

Do I have your attention?  If you are struggling in your business, do you want to keep doing the same thing, hoping that somehow things will suddenly get better?  That doesn't work to often.  If you would like consider the idea of hiring a business coach, fill out the contact form  and let's have a conversation.  There's no charge or obligation.  Let's see  if I might be able to help you reach your goals.  If you need more urgent assistance, call me at (704)325-0263.  If you don't get me immediately, please know that I return all messages within a few hours during the week.

Best wishes for your continued success.

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