What Challenge Do You Need To Conquer Today?

Every winning team has a good coach!

I coach business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals how to identify challenges and develop a strategy so they can take their business from first base to home.

Coach Mike at 90 -30 Seminar

What do other people say about Coach Mike?

Here are some comments from people who have worked with Coach Mike.  (Click on their pictures if you would like to see more about them.)

ÔÇ£Mike is Spot On! a true motivating force in every way. Not only a leading coach and empowering man, he is a team player taking you to heightened levels of reflection and success that is seen by others and it shows in the success of your business. I have redefined my position, my value, my stance and worth in all areas of my business and relationships. I am a hit at my presentations and classes and still looking forward to soaring higher. Thanks Coach Mike- You are truly awesomatic and thank you for believing in me while providing me with the needed tools of greatness. You inspire me to never give up and rock steady!ÔÇØ
Patricia Gonzalez
Beeyond Prepared

ÔÇ£Coach Mike was among the most influential entrepreneurial mentors in my starting years.
He was direct with me and it was refreshing to have a business coach who is a professional coach, a professional public speaker, and a hard charging networker who will get you off the bench and into the field. Not only did he coach me personally but I hired him to coach one of my managers. As an accomplished business owner, with 6 start-ups, making over a million a year, I have learned to take seriously Coach MikeÔÇÖs insight. I publicly endorse Coach Mike because I know he has seen it, he has coach someone through it, and he will back you upÔÇØ
Fernando Lopez,
CEO of ZenÔÇÖs Tea House

ÔÇ£New business clients will delight in Coach MikeÔÇÖs refreshingly natural authenticity. His ÔÇÿfocus on the basicsÔÇÖ method and his powerful resilience become foundational to their business success.ÔÇØ
Rich Kozak
Branding Expert at Rich Brands