"To the world, you might only be one person.  But to one person, you might be the world!"

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Coach Mike's Blog

Coach Mike's Blog

We're here to help you do business better.  Coach Mike's shares his experience in areas such as Customer Service, Team Building, and Public Speaking.

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Coach Mike Now Live Stream

Coach Mike Now Live Stream

Check in to Coach Mike Now, usually streaming Monday nights at 9 PM Eastern Time.  Coach Mike discusses current events, business experiences, politics, and faith to help you succeed better.  Do you want to be a guest on the show?  Email Coach Mike at coachmike@coachmikenow.com.  The show can be seen on Rumble, You Tube, and Facebook.  

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The Weedwhacker Podcast

The Weedwhacker Podcast

The Weedwhacker Podcast is here to help you clear the path to your success.  Coach Mike interviews various guests who share their experiences and the struggles they had to face.  Let's clear the weeds and succeed.

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Strategy Session with Coach Mike

Strategy Session with Coach Mike

Need some advice on improving your customer engagement?

Do you want to learn how you can promote your business via public speaking?

Or here's our newest offering:  Promote your business via a Podcast or Coach Mike Interview.

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Coach Mike's Clubhouse

Coach Mike's Clubhouse

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Business Resources

There are two things I would like to accomplish:  to help you make more $$$, or to save you some $$$.

The other thing I really believe in is Networking.  

So check out the Business Resources Page for resources to help improve your business.

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Coach Mike DavisCoach Mike Now is about helping you succeed in your business and your life.

    I offer one-on-one business coaching with specific expertise in customer service and team building.  I can also show you ways to market your business through networking groups and other community avenues available to you.

    Click here if you would like to schedule a 30-minute complimentary session to discuss your business' needs and see how we might be able to move your business forward.

God bless.  I hope to hear from you soon.

Coach Mike Davis

Most business owners are an expert in their business.  But I have found that many business owners are not an expert in exactly what they need to deal with in the moment.

This is where a  coach can be an invaluable asset.

If you think your business can do better but aren't sure where you can improve, fill out the contact form and let's have a conversation.  There's no obligation.  But if you like what you hear then I'll develop a proposal based upon your needs and resources.  A business that is staying the same is often falling behind.  Let's work together to move your business forward to the success you've been working so hard to achieve.



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Tuesday, July 16th
Coach Mike Now Episode 94
Enough is Enough!

Coach Mike Now Episode 94 - Enough is Enough

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Coach Mike Now will stream live at 9 AM ET on Tuesdays.


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Here are a few more ways Coach Mike can help you and your business:

Proof Reading

Putting out content, whether online or printed makes a statement about how good or how bad your business is.  If you have a lot of misspelling, grammar errors, or just irrelevant information, it tells the customer that you do not care about quality.  Even if you "double check" your material, your mind can miss errors because your mind sees what it wanted to write.  A second set of eyes, especially not connected to you or your business, can often spot things you might have missed.  Connect via the contact page and let's see how I may help you.


Speech Writing

Do you have to prepare a speech or other presentation?  Are you lacking confidence in your speaking skills or connecting to your audience?  Coach Mike has delivered many speeches to a variety of audiences.  Contact me with your situation and let's see if we can make you a shining light!