The Devil, (and the money) is in the Details!The Devil, (and the money) is in the Details!

When it comes to customer service, the old saying “the devil is in the details,” could not be truer.  I see and hear many companies state in their ads that they have “excellent customer service.”  Sometimes I really wonder if they know what that means.  Their walk does not always match up with their talk.

Perhaps they think they are offering excellent customer service because they have a cool web site.  Or maybe because they have more products in more variations than their competition.  Maybe because, like some restaurants, five people yell “good morning” or “welcome” before you even get all the way inside the door.  Or maybe it’s because the cashier smiles while taking your money.

There are many pieces to attaining the level of “excellent customer service.”  To be sure, one or two pieces won’t cut it.  You need many pieces, and not only do you need the pieces, but they have to work in harmony with each other.  They have to compliment each other.  A smiling employee needs to have policies that support their smile.  The inventory should match up with the products listed on the web site.  The store must be open when the web site hours, or the sign in the window, say they are open.

I’m going to be doing a series of podcasts on my Anchor channel as well as LIVE broadcasts discussing the many pieces of excellent customer service.  If you would like an evaluation of your business’ level of customer service, please complete the coaching request form on the home page and let’s have a conversation.  I even have a special offer for you for a complete evaluation of your business.  Let’s see if the customer service that you say you offer actually matches up with what you do offer.

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Coach Mike Davis