Happy Memorial Day

For all those we remember.

I am very fortunate in that I do not personally know anyone who gave their life in combat.  Many in my family had served; My Dad and a few Uncles in World War II; Grandparents who served in WWI; and my brother and cousins that have since served in the Army and Navy.  

We must never forget the sacrifices many have made for our country.  Whether we agree with a particular war or conflict, those who fight are doing so with the proper intentions of serving our country.  They should never be dishonored nor forgotten just because we might have political disagreements with our government.

This week, I will deliver my Coach Mike Now broadcast on Tuesday night instead of Monday.  Today I'm going to enjoy my family.  I hope you get to enjoy yours too.  If your family is no longer with you, take some time to enjoy their memories.  Remember the best of what they brought into your life.